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Corinth: When Love Demands a Response   5/28 - 9/03

Complete God's mission TOGETHER...just as God intended it.
Real unity in the body of Christ only comes when believers commit their lives, wholeheartedly, to Jesus. Spend the summer uniting together to take steps towards God mission for us starting in Loveland.

Running on Empty

Running on Empty
4/16 - 5/21

Find relief from the stress of life.
Discover how Jesus re-energized his followers after the cross. See how Jesus lightens our loads and manages our stress. Each week we will identify the parts of our lives where we're TOO busy. A must for anyone trying to keep up with our crazy schedules.


Nearly Missing Easter
3/06 - 4/09

Spring has sprung! Weddings and sports are approaching, graduation is in sight and Easter is just ahead. Stores are filling with eggs, bunnies, chocolates and peeps! And you know what with all these things going on…we’ve missed it. The real value isn’t there at all.

When we look through the gospels and the conversations that Jesus had; the leaders, the Pharisees, many Jews and Romans – they missed it too. And the disciples – even them - they nearly missed it too.

The most important part…the most needed, the most valuable things – they nearly missed.

This Easter – let’s look deeper. Let’s not overlook the most important parts. Let’s take note of the things that the disciples missed so that when we celebrate Jesus we understand the real value.