What to Expect

What to Expect at Branches...


Sundays at Branches are for teaching, worship and being challenged to know God better. They help keep us rooted in basic biblical truth, growing in God's presence and reaching the world for Christ. Sundays are also for anyone who may not yet know God in a real way. At Branches you’re welcome no matter where you are in life and in your journey with God. 



A few specific answers...

What to Wear?

What to Wear?

How would you describe preaching style?What do people wear?

This is probably the most common question. We want you to feel welcome. We're thrilled that you're joining us, and we want you to be more focused on the service than what you're wearing. A specific attire is not required, come as you are. You probably won't see a suit anywhere...don't worry.


How would you describe worship?

Branches church strives to be a church that worships God together. We desire to have a band driven time of corporate gathering through music, prayer and media. All worship is focused vertically on God.

The weekend teaching at Branches is done as a team. Each week is a bit different. Through video, music and narratives we share the message of Jesus and how we can apply it to our daily lives.


What denomination is the church?

We are not a member of a denomination. We are "non-denominational." We teach from the Bible and use that as the basis for our decisions. People that attend Branches come from many different backgrounds; Baptist, Methodist, Catholic.


Am I expected to put money in the offering?

No. That's between you and God. Either way we don't ask for it. At Branches we don't pass an offering plate. If you want to take part and give something feel free we have "giving stations" in the lobby for that.


Children's workers?

All children's volunteers have gone through a process of background checks. We hire a third party company that specializes in background checks for children's workers. We love our kids and yours, and we are taking all possible precautions to protect them.


Are you "planted" by another church?

Although many of the original members did come together while at another church, no, we are not "planted" by any other organization. Branches is a group of people that desire to impact the community of Loveland with the message of Jesus Christ.