Branches Ladies Bible Study Registration

Cost is $13 per person which includes the cost of the Study Materials
It is due by your first study meeting, either Jan 9 or 11. (Cash or check will be accepted upon arrival)

Bible Study Options

OPTION 1: Believing Jesus by Lisa Harper  |  Study Meets Thursday Mornings at 9:30am  |  Begins JAN 11

In this eight-session Bible study, Lisa Harper looks at the lives of the believers in Acts and how Jesus’ command to spread the gospel forever shaped their lives. 

OPTION 2: Cultivate by Lara Casey  |  Study Meets Tuesday Evenings at 6:30pm |  Begins JAN 9

Welcome to the thick of it, where it's beautiful and messy and fueled by grace. A flourishing life is possible, no perfection required. In fact, it's in the imperfect - the dirt - where good things grow.

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