Here at Branches we want to teach our teenagers that...

  1.  1. They were created to pursue an authentic relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus
  2.  2. They belong to Jesus and define who they are by what He alone says
  3.  3. They exist so that they can demonstrate the love of God to a broken world

We believe that the need for Jesus is the same now just as it has been all throughout history. We want to teach our students how to be the hands and feet of Jesus in their homes, schools, and community. Our students attend Sunday morning services with their parents when they are not actively serving in various places around the church. We meet Sunday evenings to hang out and connect with each other. We throw in some biblical teaching in a safe environment where teenagers feel free to be themselves. Whether you have a ton of questions that you are looking for answers to or you have made the decision to be a Christ Follower, come and check us out. Oh and bring your friends too! 

Jr High and High School Students meet weekly...

Wednesdays at 7PM
6541 Arborcrest Ln

Loveland, Ohio 45140