Message: “Genius Wk 1 | Rabbi Jesus” from Shane & Matt

Shane & Matt - March 10, 2019

Genius Wk 1 | Rabbi Jesus

From Series: "Genius | 3/10 - 4/14"

When we think of Jesus it's usually because of Christmas, or a joke about wine and water or maybe when we saw someone's cross necklace. Other than that, too often we think of Jesus ONLY for our eternity...but Jesus wants to change our TODAY. “GENIUS” is a 6-week progression to answer the question “What does it look like to follow Jesus today?" We're going to learn how the teachings of Jesus are designed to transform our hearts and our minds. Together we'll see how Jesus’ apprenticeship program can change us into people who naturally do what Jesus taught...and that change in us, can change the world around us.

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