Won’t You Be My Neighbor 10.21-11.18

The majority of Jesus’ time, energy and teaching revolved around answering these 2 questions…Who is my neighbor? & How do I love them?
Jesus slowed down for kids, went out of his way for the sick, hung out with the different, and honored women. He ate with tax collectors, politicians, prostitutes, rich and poor, sinners and saints.
The Church today is the hands and feet of Jesus. When people meet us do they meet Jesus? When our neighbors think about us, what does it show them about Jesus?
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Fear Not 11.25-12.24

When we think about Christmas it’s happy and nostalgic, but when we enter into this time of year our outlook changes. Anxiety about gifts, concern for family and dread over parties. Fear attacks us right where our faith lives and keeps us from stepping into the plans God has for us. God wants more for us this Christmas…Fear Not!
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