Randy Watson
About the Watson’s Ministry
We have been part of Branches Church, and I have served as an Elder, since its founding in 2012. Julie and I started the marriage ministry here that we continue to lead. I have served on the teaching team for the last couple of years, and Julie is a leader in the church student group. Branches Church, and our ministry here, has been both blessed and a blessing over these years. Julie and I are excited by the call God has given us to move into full-time work with Branches.

My position is that of Multisite Pastor. This is a fulltime staff position whose main function is facilitating the development of new campuses or microsites in our region. This will include management of volunteer and staff teams required to launch and maintain these new locations. My involvement in the teaching team and preaching rotation will deepen (i.e., more frequently preaching on Sunday mornings), and my role on the Elder Board will continue.

Julie and I will also continue to lead the Marriage Ministry that we began two years ago. We look forward to having more time to grow this ministry beyond the current twice-per-year series and special events like our annual Valentines Couples Dinner. We are working on extended couple’s retreat options, occasional one-time special teaching on topics relevant to married couples (e.g., end-of-life planning for wills, parenting, intimacy, etc.), and expanding our 1-on-1 interactions with couples for premarital planning and simple counseling. To this end I have recently become certified as a Symbis Assessment Facilitator (www.symbis.com) for premarital counseling.
About Branches Church
Branches has the desire to reach the city for Jesus. Our experience is that city transformation isn’t going to happen in the confines of a “conventional” church service. Numerous surveys and independent research around the US confirm our experience. So we’ve created a unique environment for worshipping and teaching at our Branch Hill property. A unique environment that is purposefully space constrained to help us focus on making a bigger impact vs a bigger campus. We are debt free, self-sustaining and ready to hit the streets to reach still more with the Gospel of Christ. We continue to partner locally with multiple churches and ministries in the Cincinnati area. We continue to be a resource for the local Loveland city government and school districts – organizing events and staying active in the local spotlight. And now we are hitting the streets, local university campuses, living rooms, restaurants, and pubs to continue to grow BRANCH campuses. In doing so, we quietly start a ministry revolution!
ROOTED | in God’s Word… [Colossians 2:7] Creating fertile ground is the beginning of the development process. Each life has daily challenges that can be guided by the principles and situations that we learn from the BIBLE.
GROWING | in His presence… [2 Peter 3:18] We will look different tomorrow because of the growth that’s taking place today. We strive to put our study into action. We spend time mentoring relationships, serving others, challenging and encouraging and working to become stronger in our faith.
REACHING | the world for Christ… [Matt 28:19-20] We extend our coverage, our shelter, and our protection to everyone around, so that they can be rooted and grow as we do.