During this COVID-19 pandemic, Branches cares deeply about the
health and wellbeing of all and will adjust in order to ensure that.
For the unforeseen future, #BSG weekly and #BSG Vine Groups will
be held on virtual platforms. This allows us to maintain community and
relationship in a safe environment. All other #BSG special events are
postponed indefinitely. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
God bless! 
#BSG exists to bring glory to God by intentionally engaging the teenagers
of our community with the gospel of Jesus Christ, guiding and equipping
them to live as His disciples. We invite all students to be a part of this
community as we grow in relationship with the Lord and with each other.
#BSG is open to all students in grades 7-12.



1. They were created to pursue an authentic relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus.
2. They belong to Jesus, and that He alone defines who they are.
3. They exist so that they can reflect the love of God to a broken world.
We believe that the need for Jesus is the same now just as it has been all throughout history. We want to teach our students how to be the hands and feet of Jesus in their homes, schools, and community.

Jr High and High School Students meet weekly…

Sundays at 6PM 6541 Arborcrest Ln Loveland, Ohio 45140
Our students attend Sunday morning services with their parents when they are not actively serving in various places around the church. We meet Sunday evenings to hang out and connect with each other. We incorporate biblical teaching in a safe environment where teenagers feel free to be themselves. Whether you have a ton of questions that you are looking for answers to or you have made the decision to be a Christ Follower, come and check us out. Oh, and bring your friends too!
Our students are encouraged to be a part of a Vine Group where they can grow and be challenged in a more intimate environment. 
Join us on Sunday night from 7-9 at the Chouse for a #BSG Sunday Hangs. Volleyball, spike ball, games, and great community! 

Volunteers in our student ministry get the opportunity to build and foster relationships with students, minister to them through the teaching of Scripture, worship and intentional discipleship. There are 3 tiers of leadership within #BSG: Hands-on Team, Resource team, and the Prayer team.

Hands-on Team – The Hands-on team is our frontline for student ministry. Members of this team have the opportunity to lead weekly events, student Vine groups, and personally disciple students.

Resource Team – Members of the student Resource team are our behind-the-scenes team who have the opportunity to serve as a drivers, meal prep, and event setup.

Prayer Team – Our prayer team has one specific goal: to cover our student ministry in prayer, with both general and specific prayer requests.
*All volunteers must be able to pass a federal background check

Current Series: Counter Cultural

Following Jesus won’t make you popular in our culture. It often means going against the crowd, something that many students fear. Why must we live against the crowd? We could retreat, but that’s not to what God has called us. We’ve been set apart and called to stand up for the truth. It’s going to require courage and boldness; it will require a heavenly perspective. Ultimately, we must seek the approval of God more than we seek the praise of our peers.

Student Vine Groups

We encourage our students and leaders to engage in discipleship relationships. Our students are encouraged to join a Vine Group which are designed for our students to go deeper in their faith by studying God’s Word and challenging one another. Vine Groups foster community, accountability, and friendships. 
HS Guys – Wednesday Nights | 7-8:30 | 4310 Green Arbors Ln Loveland, OH 45140
HS Girls – Tuesday Nights | 7-8:30 |  1437 Sunrise Dr Loveland, OH 45150
MS Guys – Thursday Nights | 7-8:30 | 4310 Green Arbors Ln Loveland, OH 45140
MS Girls – Friday Afternoons | 2:30-3:30 | 5440 Hoffman Rd Milford, 45150

Student’s Pastor:

Blaine Hamilton

(330) 465-1674