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Preteen Retreat

This retreat is all about preteens’ identity in Christ; who they truly are.


Just in case you missed it...check out the past services online.

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We want to invite you to join us for all of the exciting activities going on at Branches.

This website is the best place for you to stay in contact with us and stay up to date with all our plans for Branches. LIKE us on Facebook and join "The City" to keep in touch and please keep praying! God is at work and we are waiting for Him to open doors and direct our path so we can plant His word in the city of Cincinnati and truly develop Branches Church.

Currently we meet at the Loveland Middle School (801 South Lebanon Rd. Loveland Ohio 45140) at 10AM Sunday's for our weekly gatherings. We would love your support in prayer as we begin to walk this journey God has set before us.

He is the Vine and we are the BRANCHES.